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Scheduling Requirements

  • Book the earliest available appointment unless you are booking an after school appointment for 4 PM or later.

  • Please do not schedule an appointment on a day that you have other obligations. I do not rush.

  • After hours are available on TUESDAY & THURSDAY starting at 4​:30 PM. Use the add-on

  • Squeeze in appointments are available on MONDAYS at an additional fee of $50.

  • Text to book a squeeze-in.

Hair Requirements

  • Hair is included for all services. (Queen B & RuWa)

  • Shampoo & Blow Dry services are included.

  • Children who will not receive shampoo services should arrive freshly washed with no oils or leave in conditioner.

Late Policy

  • 10 minute grace period. Please communicate if you are running late.

  • $20 late fee applied after grace period.

  • More than 15 minutes will result in cancellation and forfeit of deposit

  • Time is valuable. Please arrive on time so I am able to provide services in an efficient and timely manner.

Additional Guest & Pickup Policy

  • Children are allowed one additional guest, but it is not required for an adult to stay.

  • I strongly suggest parents/ guardians do not sit in the room during appointment. This allows me to establish a bond with my client and learn what ME time looks like for them.

  • You have 30 minutes from the time you receive a pickup text to pick up the child being serviced. Late pick up will result in additional $25 fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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