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A Bit About Me

Age : 29 •DOD: October 18 •Born: Macon , Ga Khadijah (KD)born and raised in Macon ,Georgia. Khadijah is now a Business owner and hairstylist. Khadijah is all about breaking the rules and expectations around what a “CEO” is supposed to be. Khadijah is the Founder of Brown Girl Beauty Bar LLC . Although life had many trials that could’ve knocked her down her FAITH in God is what kept her going … Khadijah has been doing hair since her early years of high school. As a kid she graduated from practicing on her and her late mother’s hair to doing her peers and family members hair . Despite this natural talent things weren’t easy for Khadijah . At some point she lost her love for doing hair. Doing that time she birthed 4 beautiful babies and went back to the workforce. Unhappy with her job and the money she made. Khadijah gave up on working for someone else and put all her focus on herself and the business she always dreams of having . 

Life’s challenges just made khadijah more aware of the lifestyle she didn’t want and increased her drive to succeed and manifest her dream of becoming a licensed cosmetologist. With perseverance she is now enrolled at Central Georgia Technical College with plans of obtaining her license. Khadijah has always had a vision filled with big ideas and she was ready to strike out on her own and nothing was going to get in way . Despite the constant rejection and roadblocks khadijah remained committed to her vision and affirmed herself all the time by continuously saying yes to her dreams.

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